Thursday, August 26, 2010

ready for life

So summer is over and the days of sleeping in until noon and...oh wait I'm a mommy there is no such things as sleeping in until noon any more. Well at least not unless the husband decides to be a prince and get up with the kids on a Sunday morning.
Along with the big kid heading off to third grade and gymnastics, and maybe swim lessons at the high school, my husband has returned to school (Go Babe!!!), and I start back next week. On top of all the normal back to school craziness I am contemplating a change in my current job. Now don't get me wrong, on the whole I love my job. I have worked for the same company for almost ten years doing almost everything within the restaurant that I could do. For the last two years I have been mostly in the office working on things like payroll and invoices and basic administrative duties. However like everywhere else lately they keep cutting hours. The best part of this job is that I am able to take my almost 1yr old to work with me. It has been wonderful but I'm afraid that it will have to end soon.
I am facing the same thing that most people are facing about now. Money is tight and although my husband works hard his paycheck and my 8 hours a week (yes that is what I am down to) are just not cutting it. I began to contemplate a change in job (not career because I haven't really begun that yet) to something that I could do and still finish school. I am two full semesters and one one class next fall away from graduation. I know that that is going to go fast but right now that feels like a million years away.
I began to browse around for something else but after almost ten years my resume looks awful, only one job. I was hoping to find somewhere that I could answer phones and file papers part-time but have come up short. Also considered retail or (gulp) more food service but am having trouble finding something that fits in between school, kids, and babysitter schedule. I am very torn in how to proceed. I really feel like I am letting my family down if I don't get a "better" job but how will I keep up with things like laundry, dishes, dinner not to mention homework (mine and kids), and family if I take a different job (if I can find one). Also how do you justify taking a slightly better paying job if you are spending twice as much on child care?!?!
So here is hoping for an uneventful semester, for all of us, and a quite fall, and maybe an unexpected windfall.

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